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Fall Mini-Sessions

Well, I finally bit the bullet and did a day of mini-sessions! For those of you who don’t know what this is, these are discounted 20 minute shoots that all take place on the same day at the same location.  I’ve always wanted to do these in the past, but it just never really worked out.  But I’m so glad I was finally able to do it this year because it helped reduce my number of trips from Louisville!  I look forward to offering them again, hopefully this spring. (Wink wink)

I had so many great friends come out for the shoots – it was so great seeing everyone.  Some were completely new clients (like a family where I haven’t seen the dad in about 25 years!), some were former weddings that now have kids on their own, others were friends or people I’ve shot in the past.  I even had two brothers for senior pictures!  It was a long but very productive day. We were blessed with wonderful weather for the day, which was a complete answer to prayer because how else was I going to reschedule 12 shoots??

I’ve selected just a few of my favorites from each session to share.  I found out that I’m almost incapable of shooting a ‘mini’ session because I shoot almost as much in 20 minutes as I do in an entire hour.  Yikes.  That made editing fun:)But seriously, so many beautiful people.  So many adorable kids.  Prepare yourself….

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