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MADDIE | A Senior Session

It’s only appropriate that I post this senior session on this beauty’s 17th birthday.  *Record Scratch* SEVENTEEN?!?  This wonderful and beautiful girl is my niece, Maddie, who I had the privilege of getting to photograph when she was in town last week.  Way back in the day, when I was in college at the University of Tennessee, I would often take trips to Chattanooga (where my brother and his family lived at the time) to practice my skillz with Maddie, first as a wee babe, then as a toddler, and so forth.  She was my child model as I was learning photography.  And she had many photographers in the family – her mother, her grandmother, a couple aunts – so Maddie was the model for many of us!! And then I blinked, and now I’m doing her senior pictures!!!  I want to rejoice and cry all at the same time, probably not as much as her mama, but still.  She’s the oldest grandchild, the one who started it all, and I can’t think of a better soul to be an example for my children.  We love you, Maddie!Composite_000Composite_001Composite_002Composite_003Composite_004Composite_005Composite_006Composite_007Composite_008Composite_009Composite_010Composite_011Composite_012Composite_013Composite_014Composite_015Composite_016Composite_017Composite_018Composite_019



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