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CARRIE + JOHN | Married!

Carrie & John were married in a gorgeous ceremony at New City Presbyterian Church.  Not only was the church beautiful, but the significance behind this church made it that much more special.  Carrie and John met in the very pew they had their first look next to.  That was a first for me, and a very moving one at that.  First looks can be so amazing, but when you add the very place they had their very first look EVER, well, it just brings tears to your eyes.  Joy just exuded out of these two.  There was so much laughing, so many joyful tears.  It was just a privilege to witness it, let alone photograph it.

Thank you, Carrie & John, for including me in your special day!!


I love when the groom is so overwhelmed by the sight of his bride that he can’t even look at her. Also, I rank this first look in my top 5 of all time. Composite_002Composite_003Composite_004Composite_005Composite_006Composite_007Composite_008Composite_009

This is the pew where they met….


Seriously, so much laughing.  So much joy.


When Carrie’s little brother was given the role of ring bearer, he thought they were saying “Ring Bear.” So they had a little fun with that….Composite_024Composite_025Composite_026Composite_027Composite_028Composite_029Composite_030Composite_031Composite_032Composite_033Composite_034Composite_035

Carrie came down the aisle behind bagpipes playing Amazing Grace.  Bagpipes are a weakness for me.  I feel all the feels.  Composite_036Composite_037Composite_038Composite_039Composite_040Composite_041

Everyone likes to see the groom’s face when his bride walks down the aisle.  I think my favorite moment is seeing the couple after they come back down the aisle….married.  And I count it a privilege that I am one of the only ones who gets to see this.


Vendor list coming soon….

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