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SARAH + MIKE | Married!!

This post is loooong overdue!! Sarah & Mike were married back at the end of September at Grace Bible Presbyterian Church.  They had a wonderful day of celebrating with friends and family, which we can no longer take for granted in these crazy times.  Their COVID-friendly wedding allowed for guests to celebrate with them while remaining safe! They even restructured their day to allow time to mingle with their guests, enjoy all the festivities, and allow for guests to leave in a reasonable time so as to not feel too exposed.  It was beautiful, thoughtful, and very well organized and planned!  It even gave me some quiet alone time with the couple to do their portraits at the very end of the day, which I have to say is a first for me!

Sarah has been one of the teachers to two of my kids the last couple years, and this was my first time meeting Mike.  I could not get over just how precious these two were together.  I could not help but smile the entire day behind my camera at the cuteness I was seeing:)  Mike even kept taking her hand and kissing it throughout the day, including when she first came down the aisle and during their unity candle time!!  My heart exploded when I saw that and so glad I had my camera up at that moment!!  I have to say, I also have never seen that before either and I love firsts at weddings!!:)  Well done, Mike, well done.

Big thanks to Laura Leppert for helping me out!!


This was a very well done family photo table!!  One of the best I’ve seen…Composite_003Composite_004Composite_005Composite_006Composite_007

Isn’t she radiant?Composite_008Composite_009Composite_010Composite_011Composite_012Composite_013

They didn’t do a first look, but they were able to pray together before the ceremony….

Composite_014Only in 2020…..and probably 2021….

There’s that hand kissing!!   Is that not precious??Composite_017Composite_018Composite_019Composite_020Composite_021Composite_022Composite_023Composite_024Composite_025Composite_026

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