JON + GENNY {married!!}

Whew! It’s been a whirlwind of a few weeks!! This spring has been jam packed with weddings, shoots, traveling, etc etc!!  What a blessing Leah Robbins Photography has been to me and my family, giving me the ability to work and pursue my passion of photography, while also being at home with the wee ones.  I could not ask for a better opportunity for our family and I am grateful to every single one of my clients for helping make it all possible.  So thank you!!

And so, with clients like Jon & Genny, my life is so easy 😉  I mean, we could not have asked for a better day with the two of them!  They were incredibly amazing to work with, all rain held off (but left its humidity), and their ginormous wedding party was so fun!  Yes, I said ginormous.  Jon had 14 groomsmen.  FOURTEEN!!! I think that’s a record for me.  I’ve worked with slightly bigger wedding parties, but I think the largest I ever had was 13 on each side.  Jon gets the record for being the most popular groom ever.  And when you hear that there are going to be 15 men to photograph together, you realize very quickly how severely outnumbered you are in the men to women ratio (15:2 – me and my sweet assistant), and the dynamic that that can bring.  Thankfully, they were all extremely cooperative and we were able to keep everything under control! It was a miracle, but we did it!!

And then there’s sweet Genny.  Oh, sweet Genny.  She has the most infectious, joyous personality.  She’s all smiles, all laughs, all day.  And the one who brings the most of that out of her is Jon.  They are such a cute match-up. It was a joy and an honor to photograph this cute doctor-couple on their wedding day (yes, both doctors!! Genny’s a pediatrician – she may or may not be receiving unwarranted texts from me in the future with my children’s strange ailments – sorry Genny!!) So to the new Dr. Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Kapp, congratulations!!! (<—totally not right, but who cares :))

I had so many favorites from this wedding.  SO. MANY.  And yes, there are already too many images posted, but trust me, I could have included more!

Hugh thanks to my assistant, Tamela Triplett, for her amazing work as always with this lovely wedding!!


I love the texture of this floor!!  I so wanted to take the rings out on it, but seeing as it was the balcony on the 20-something floor of the Galt House with strong winds, I decided against it.  Win for the photographer for not losing the rings!! 🙂


Jon proposed by getting Genny the new running shoes she wanted for her birthday.  The ring was in the box with the shoes.  What’s adorable is she has only worn the shoes once – for the engagement session.  Now that the wedding is over, she can finally get use out of Jon’s thoughtful gift to her!


Genny looked flawless – FLAWLESS – on her wedding day.  Props to her skin care regiment and the make-up artist! (No photoshop touchup was done to these photos)kappblog-09kappblog-10kappblog-11kappblog-12kappblog-13kappblog-14

It’s amazing how many different tacky unique suspenders there are out there! 🙂


The reception was one seriously amazing party!


That moment when the groom and the father of the bride get lifted on chairs….


Vendor list coming soon!!!

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  • ..July 17, 2015 - 4:08 pm

    What a beautiful wedding. Such a gorgeous bride & what seems like a really good guy.