MATT + KELLY | Married!!

I ended my year o’ weddings with a bang.  I always, always love photographing at the Marmalade Lily, and to add the fall color was just icing on the cake.  Kelly looked gorgeous, with one of the prettiest headpieces I’ve ever seen.  And her makeup – on point.  The flowers, of course, were stunning, and I loved her use of purple with the bridesmaid dresses!  These were two were fun, in love, and a joy to work with.  Their outdoor wedding avoided the rain by a day (Hallelujah!!) which gave us free reign of the property without the worry of wetness and mud!

Thank you, Matt & Kelly, for including me in your special day!!


Dad first looks are some of my faves…Composite_011Composite_012Composite_013Composite_014Composite_015Composite_016Composite_017Composite_018Composite_019Composite_020Composite_022Composite_023Composite_024Composite_026Composite_027Composite_028Composite_029Composite_030Composite_031Composite_032Composite_033Composite_034Composite_035Composite_036Composite_037Composite_038Composite_039Composite_040Composite_041Composite_042Composite_043Composite_044Composite_045Composite_046Composite_047Composite_048Composite_049Composite_050Composite_051Composite_053Composite_054Composite_055Composite_056Composite_057Composite_058Composite_059Composite_060Composite_061Composite_062Composite_063Composite_064

Vendor list coming soon!!!



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