LINDSEY + JUSTIN | Married!!

Nothing like a pending vacation to get me motivated to get this wedding edited and into the couple’s hands!! To say this day was perfect would be an understatement.  With all the stress and anxiety leading up to the day, all the debate as to whether or not it would even happen given the pandemic, Lindsey & Justin were finally married, surrounded by tons of friends and family, on a gorgeous July day.  This was my first time really meeting Justin, and it was such a pleasure getting to know this sweet gentleman.  He’s a good match for Lindsey, who I have had the pleasure of knowing her entire life (enter old age joke here).  It is such a great privilege and honor to spend a wedding day with any couple, let alone that of lifelong friends.  To be so closely involved in the witnessing of these two getting married is just something I will never take for granted.

Their wedding took place on Lake Lyndsay in Hamilton, and we had the most perfect day (minus some wind).  The breeze kept us all cooled off some, but also kept the hair interesting 🙂 But all in all, everything went according to plan, and at the end of the day, Lindsey and Justin were married.  And isn’t that what it’s all about in the first place?

So without further ado, here are just a *few* favorites.  And for as many as I am posting, probably could have doubled this number….


Masks for wedding favors? 2020 is the only year that makes sense.  (Side note: they were all made by my mom!! Isn’t she crafty??)Composite_002Composite_003Composite_004Composite_005Composite_006Composite_007Composite_008Composite_009Composite_010Composite_011Composite_012

I mean, I knew she’d be a beautiful bride, but wow….



Dad first looks are always a fave of mine.Composite_015

The last official photo of this family of five before they add one more….Composite_016Composite_017Composite_018Composite_019Composite_020

Justin makes her smile in a way I’ve never seen before….Composite_021Composite_022

The wind wasn’t always our friend on this day, but then sometimes, it totally was….Composite_023

Flowers from The Marmalade Lily are always on point.


Not gonna lie….really loving some of the wind blown look….
Composite_043Composite_044Composite_045Composite_046Composite_047Composite_048Composite_049Composite_050Composite_051Composite_052Composite_053Composite_054Composite_055Composite_056Composite_057Composite_058Composite_059Composite_060I want to go back and redo my wedding just so I can have the Mobile Cone come to my reception!!

Only in 2020….


A first for me: during the parent dance, they invited all parents and grandparents to the dance floor for a special dance.  And then my heart exploded.


All the lovely people who made this day possible…

Venue: Lake Lyndsay

Flowers: The Marmalade Lily

Invitations/Printing: Minuteman Press

Hair: Chelsea Smith
Dress: Bright Light alterations

Catering: Jack’s Catering

DJ: Brian Wooten –

Cake: Debbie Oliver
Officiant: Mark Lopez
The Mobile Cone
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