RHYANN | A Senior Session

We all know how much 2020 has really bombed.  And the people I feel it the most for are graduating seniors and couples getting married.  You have your hopes and dreams set on this date in the future, knowing when that year rolls around, it’s your turn: your turn to graduate or your turn to get married!  But 2020 has wanted to say “nope, not this year.”  It can make one go crazy.  But all the people I have interacted with that have dealt with crushed dreams have all handled it with the biggest smile and the best attitudes.  It really is a testimony to the human spirit.  People will still get married.  Kids will still graduate.  Life will move on, no matter what a stupid virus tries to stop.

Meeting Rhyann for her senior photos was a bright spot of 2020.  A beautiful girl with a beautiful backdrop for her session made for a pretty awesome evening.  I truly enjoyed spending this time with Rhyann and her mom, getting to know her and seeing her bubbly smile, no matter what her senior year brings.  She’s been waiting for this moment for 18 years, and nothing is going to stop her.

Huge thanks to the Marmalade Lily for allowing us to come shoot on your grounds!!


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