Sometimes it’s hard to put into words what I do for a living.  That’s why I’m a photographer, not a writer.  I like to tell my perspective through IMAGES.  And the weddings I get to photograph often leave me speechless.  They are breathtaking.  They make me want to plan my wedding all over again and do all the new beautiful things.  Nathalie and Trenton’s wedding was definitely no exception to this.  Their wedding was inspirational, stunning, precious, and I can’t even think of more words…it’s all the things.  I knew it was going to be a good day just from the venues (Mariemont Chapel & The Lytle Park Hotel), but you add an adorable, stunning, and joyful couple, the day was beyond perfect.  Nathalie and Trenton have known each other since they were kids, so this was clearly the union of two people who were meant to be together.  I was left so inspired throughout the wedding, I honestly couldn’t stop shooting.  I could have put the entire wedding in the blog post, but alas, I must pick a few.  I’m going to stop talking now – I’m going to let the photos do the talking….

Big thanks to Erin Dial who rocked this wedding with me!!!

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