All packages include: 

-Wedding day coverage with Leah Robbins

-Digital copies of your custom-edited photographs. 

-Password protected site to view, order, and share your images

Additionally, you can add engagement sessions, an extra photographer, albums, and more.

Custom Packages are available!

Please email me to see a list of packages, or to customize one to fit your needs!


Family Session: $625

Includes up to one hour session on location + all digital files

Newborn Session: $650

Up to two hour in-home session + all digital files

Mini-Session: $450

20 minute on-location session + 20 digital images

*Maternity sessions are included in family session pricing. 


Packages start at $500.  Email me for pricing!

Email me for a more complete pricing list.

*All prices subject to 6.5% sales tax.


There are so many great photographers out there.  What makes you unique?

Listen, I am not blind to the fact that there are so many great photographers available to choose from.  I even have many friends in the industry that I am always happy to recommend if I am unavailable for your date! With so much great talent and a huge range in pricing among them, choosing the right photographer can be daunting and overwhelming.  I see it as my job to give you the best images possible, bringing out your real beauty and personality that showcases who you really are, and a pain free, fun experience.  I know you don't like being photographed.  I know you don't think you photograph well.  I see it as my mission to prove you wrong with both of those statements and to walk away saying, "Wow, that was really fun! And really quick!"  Give me a chance.  I won't let you down! 

What do I need to know in choosing a wedding photographer?

As I mentioned before, choosing the right photographer for your wedding day can be overwhelming! But here are some tips I have learned in all my years of shooting weddings that you may not know you need to know.  First off, the photographer is the one vendor (videographer falls in this category too) that is with you ALLLLL day, which means, you better like 'em.  Personality is a huge factor in deciding who you want to spend your wedding day with! Do they make me feel comfortable? Is this a person I could be friends with and can mesh well with all my bridal party?  Good questions to ask yourself! Secondly, you want to make sure your photographer is experienced in wrangling large groups of people. I pride myself on finding and reigning in those lost groomsmen! Thirdly, your photographer acts as a pseudo wedding coordinator. There are a lot of things to shoot on a wedding day, and a limited amount of time. Even if you've hired a coordinator, they are still at the mercy of the photographer.  You need a photographer that can get the shots in the time allotted and keep the day running smoothly and seamlessly. It wasn't long after I started shooting weddings that so much of the day's flow and timeline depended on ME, the photographer, to keep things moving, and to make sure I was getting the best images possible for my couple.  It's a big job, but one that I love to do and have no problem turning on my focused "wedding mode" (as my husband calls it).  If you want to hear more about what a wedding day would look like and what else you need to know, feel free to reach out.  

Why is there no calendar on your site?

Working out of my home is such a blessing, but it also creates some limitations.  As a mother of four, I want to be the best photographer I can be for you without sacrificing family time.  I limit the number of weddings I shoot per year, and may deem some weekends just unavailable because of family obligations, other events, or I'm at my max number of jobs for the month.  Because of the unpredictability of my schedule, I prefer that you contact me with your date request to check availability.  Also, by limiting the number of weddings I take on per month and per year, I'm more available to assist you in a timely fashion, whether it be an album design, engagement session, etc.  

Do you have a studio?

No - I work out of my home without a studio.  I shoot on location, whether that be your home, a park, downtown, wherever you want to go!  I prefer working in different locations because not only does it make everyone's pictures different, but it offers good natural light to shoot in.  Also, when it comes to in home sessions, I find that most people are more comfortable.  You are in your own environment and your pictures can be unique to you and your family.  

How do I begin?

When you first contact me, we will have a consultation, whether over the phone or in person, to determine where and when the event will take place.  At that time, I will be able to answer any questions you may have about the process.

How do I order prints?

All your photographs will be available for online viewing and ordering through the "client log-in" tab on the website.  Your event will be password protected, and can be viewed by any friends or family.  All prints ordered will be touched up, color corrected, and printed on professional quality paper.  

How long do I have to order my prints?

Your photographs will be up online for 3 months from the date they are posted.  If you need more time after your event expires, contact me and I can put them back up online for you at no additional cost. 

What do I wear?

For photo sessions with your family or engagement sessions, the clothing is up to you.  It's best if you feel comfortable and relaxed in what you are wearing.  Your confidence will show in the pictures.  If you would like, you may coordinate your clothing, or just wear things that don't clash. I recommend picking a color palette, then using complimentary colors on everyone in your family.  Use accessories to add some accent color and/or coordinate with other members of your family. Pinterest has many great ideas! If you need more assistance and guidelines in this area, don't be afraid to ask!  It's a very common question.  

My wedding is out of state.  Can I still use you for my photography?

Of course.  I love to travel!  Doing a destination wedding?  No worries, I'll go there too. Contact me for a quote for travel expenses.

What is a birth story?

Oh, just my favorite thing to photograph.  No, seriously, it is.  It's just what it sounds like - I photograph the birth of your child.  And I'm not referring to the icky, inappropriate stuff, but the emotions behind the whole experience - I get the pain, the joy, the excitement, the activity.  There is so much that goes on in a birth and the whole experience is wonderful and overwhelming.  And often times (especially when you're drugged up!), the whole experience is a fog.  By having it photographed, you will remember the experience for a lifetime!  Plus, I just love watching a new life come into this world - it's miraculous! The session is purely photojournalistic - meaning, no posing involved.  You won't even know that I'm there, except for maybe hearing the clicks of the camera.  I stay in the background and just observe.  It's a very non-obtrusive style of photography.

Any additional questions?  Contact me using the "Contact" section of this site.